Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finished Shrug

Here is the finished shrug:

It may be a little much. Adrian said: "There is something to be said for simplicity."

But, she is pretty cute...and she kept it on all day.

At least I finished it, so I could do other things, like build blocks with Amira. Really, I build by myself, and she occasionally destroys what I build. I love building! I know this is geared towards toddlers, but I love making all types of castles. Amira mostly likes to knock down the blocks and get into their crate. Sometimes she puts one piece on another and claps, but quickly loses interest.

One of my creations, yet un-destroyed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Last Tuesday at Home

Since Amira has been in our lives, Tuesday's have been our day together. But my schedule will be changing as I am starting a new job this Monday. I will lose our Tuesdays, but gain family weekends. So I am sad and happy. We won't have a day every week that is just ours, but we will ALL get to stay in our PJs on Saturdays and Sundays! And on our last Tuesday we had so much fun, the day was full of giggles, which continued once daddy came home.

I also started a little sweater for Amira. Though I can't tell if it is festive or a candidate for what not to crochet.

Lots of pink...

Freehand pattern...

Well, we'll have to see once it's done. Of course I better hurry up. Amira is growing so fast! All the clothes I put on her today seemed much tighter than normal. I thought I just bought them too!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Day at Home in Winter

At home on a Tuesday...
Reading books over and over...

Learning to put on some clothes...

The view out the window where Amira stands on her stool and looks...

The cat in a brief moment of peace...

Scribbles spreading...


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day

Another blizzard resulting in a snow day in Boston!

Now, Boston is not know for friendly driving, or easy parking. And when it snows, this road rage can translate into parking wars, with spots minimally shoveled and then claimed with trash barrels for days. But, in this blizzard, we went out to shovel out our car and claim our space with our rocking lawn chair-and experienced neighborlyness! Adrian was shoveling the front part of the car and Amira and I just started playfully knocking at the snow, when one of the two men clearing the truck behind ours took his large broom and started helping us clear our car. Soon we were all sharing shovels and brooms and clearing not just enough snow that we can edge our car out, but also clearing the snow between the cars, and the side walks to boot, even though they were not in front of our house! At work today everyone was trading war stories of fights that had ensued while they were digging out, but I only had a pleasant experience to add. As it should always be:)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January in Dorchester

Took a walk with Amira today...

We were able to move fairly easily considering the last storms snow has since turned to mounds of ice. Most of the sidewalks were clear. We are preparing for another storm tomorrow. 15inches! We'll see...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

At my Parent's House

Growing up, our house was mostly brown and white, then blue and white, then some cranberry and canary. Since then. my parents (mainly my mom) have become very comfortable with color. The past decade has seen the same reds, yellows and blues, but pink, orange and lime green have been added. The transformation in the home I grew up in is remarkable. Our house is nearly 200 hundred years old, and our family has been there for more than 40 years now. The use of the building has changed, walls have been added, and removed.
I bring Amira to my childhood home, and I think, "she is playing and roaming where I did." And there are certain nooks that have not changed. Then there are major changes that give the space a whole new feeling-and are as new to me as to her.
My parent's living room is my grandmother's living room. But when I went to my grandmother's living room, the walls were white, the rug was pastel, the floors were dark brown, as was the trim. There was a big silver space heater and an entertainment center next to a small deep set window. She had a sand filled snake at the bottom of the door to the room to block the draft, and a shelf with a wooden duck. There was a secretary and big stand up radio both colored black. And on the wall going to the kitchen was an expressionist painting as big as my grandmother of a woman holding flowers.
Amira, in her grandmother's living room, sees a red couch, orange walls, and terracotta trim. The floors are blond now, and the space heater is where the shelf with the duck was. Instead of big and silver, it is small and looks like a wood burning stove. The duck is in the guest room. The window was traded for french doors and the rug is a graphic black and white. But the painting of the woman is in the same place, and the latch on the door is the same, and the arrangement of the couch and coffee table is the same as when I was a child. The radio is gone, but the secretary is in an adjoining room. A different painting hangs above the couch, but is by the same artist.
Amira visits and sits at the coffee table, much like I would. And I know her view is different from mine, in many ways, but it is nice to know that some experiences are shared.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in Summary

Every year, I have the same resolution, to be more productive with my art. This year, the new addition to our family, Amira, gave me some extra incentive to pursue my goals. I started this blog last January to keep me in check on progress with my art. But this blog began to be a journal of all the happenings in my life. And in taking the time to note the everyday things, I was able to focus on my goals more clearly.

In 2010, I started crafting again, sold more art than in any other year, participated in craft fairs, actually took a trip(!), watched my daughter move from a baby to a toddler, took up photography again, got through some challenges at work successfully, and started making refried beans from scratch. In 2011, I hope to make hummus from scratch (in an effort to have less processed foods), potty train Amira, watch her being to talk, exercise in some sort of fashion, take a trip with my husband somewhere, visit my friends and meet some of their new additions, do more with my art and craft, and keep up with this blog! Happy New Year!