Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Windows means Art Cleaning

Our windows were replaced today. We are excited to see some savings on our heating bill as we approach the coldest months of the year. The installation process required that we move everything 3 feet away from the windows. This wasn't a huge problem, but in the studio, we had many of our old sketch books and portfolios piled up against the wall with windows.
Having pulled this stuff out, we are taking the opportunity to sort through these piles of old art. Or so far, I am. I am reviewing this old work and deciding if I should keep it or toss it. Purging art can be difficult. When I was a teen, I participated in NYSSSA, and one of the teachers gave a lecture and told us about a time when her studio burned and she had to part with all her previous work. She said this was one of the best things for her, because it is important not to fall in love with our work, but to always push forward. I am trying to keep this in mind. We will see if I can be successful in this task.

Our Little Artist

Adrian and I agreed that we would raise a scientist, and not another artist. It appears we are already failing in this area. Amira spends most of her free time at home drawing and painting. And of course placing stickers on everything. She asks us to draw all kinds of characters for her, Shrek, Fiona, Batman, Aunt Alima, Mommy, Daddy, Amira etc. Now she is starting to add parts of the people in herself, "Mira draws eyes" drawing two little scribbles for the eyes, or a scribble for the mouth. She colors on top of our drawing attempting to "trace" which she does at school with her name. So, I guess we have another artist to add to the family, but we will still strive to have a well rounded child, science included.

Monday, November 28, 2011

A November Walk

We had a wonderful long holiday weekend.

Family visited for Thanksgiving-we pot lucked this year. We participated in the Festival Fete craft fair. Amira got to go to the Roger Williams Park and Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa. We went to Ikea to try to organize Amira's room. And still we had time to go to the Arnold Arboretum and pick up pine cones. The beautiful weather we have been experiencing this late November has helped facilitate our productivity. Once the weather is back to freezing, I will be hibernating inside again.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Few Samples