Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Last Tuesday at Home

Since Amira has been in our lives, Tuesday's have been our day together. But my schedule will be changing as I am starting a new job this Monday. I will lose our Tuesdays, but gain family weekends. So I am sad and happy. We won't have a day every week that is just ours, but we will ALL get to stay in our PJs on Saturdays and Sundays! And on our last Tuesday we had so much fun, the day was full of giggles, which continued once daddy came home.

I also started a little sweater for Amira. Though I can't tell if it is festive or a candidate for what not to crochet.

Lots of pink...

Freehand pattern...

Well, we'll have to see once it's done. Of course I better hurry up. Amira is growing so fast! All the clothes I put on her today seemed much tighter than normal. I thought I just bought them too!


  1. oh my! You have some of the most amazing crochet work I have seen! That sweater is beautiful! I am a fan of soulemama as well. Not sure if you knit. But, if you do I have a knitting book giveaway on my blog that you may be interested in. Check it out!

  2. I totally love it, colors mexicana.