Thursday, August 23, 2012

Some time at Home

After a busy weekend of sales, beach, gymnastics & Grandma, we had some fun messing around at home on Monday.

First though, Amira and I went to the Zoo, just me and her-which happens unfortunately infrequently. Everyone we passed on the way to the Zoo, she had to tell where she was going and which animals she was going to see. To a pair of girls, she asked "Are you going to the Zoo? Everybody hurry up!"

We came home and had a relatively lazy rest of the day-with just mess making activities like legos and painting-and less mess making activities like watching Sponge Bob. Max also was working and on the move-not creeping just yet, but finding his way off his play mat, or out of his bumbo pillow.

It's good to take a day, and just do whatever; amazing how hard it can be to schedule nothing. And I wish I could spend more time just following the whims of the day.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Beautiful Day at SOWA

At SOWA again this past Sunday. We had a great time. The weather was perfect-and my mom was in town to help with the kids, so set up and take down were a breeze. Having a babysitter must have saved us about two hours! Saw a couple familiar vendors, Pier 43, Holly Land Treasures, and met a new vendor, Sweetest Hue. One of my favorite parts of doing these shows is meeting the other vendors and hearing how they do this. What shows to they go to, what shops do they sell in-does Etsy work for them? What kind of generator are they plugging their sewing machine in to so they can sew and sell in their booths? Just standard industry information.
Looking forward to being back in September. I have started making new winter items-featuring camel hair, wool, and velvet, and pulled out some favorite crochet/felted styles. More of these will be on my table in September, as it will be autumn!!! My little boy's head is getting so big-he needs a new hat too! And hopefully he will be my muse for some winter boy styles~and maybe some menswear as well.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New England Rain at Castle Island

Yachts and Sailboats.
Rocks and Snails.
Puddles and Rain.

Salty air.
Look out.
Rolling water.