Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day

Another blizzard resulting in a snow day in Boston!

Now, Boston is not know for friendly driving, or easy parking. And when it snows, this road rage can translate into parking wars, with spots minimally shoveled and then claimed with trash barrels for days. But, in this blizzard, we went out to shovel out our car and claim our space with our rocking lawn chair-and experienced neighborlyness! Adrian was shoveling the front part of the car and Amira and I just started playfully knocking at the snow, when one of the two men clearing the truck behind ours took his large broom and started helping us clear our car. Soon we were all sharing shovels and brooms and clearing not just enough snow that we can edge our car out, but also clearing the snow between the cars, and the side walks to boot, even though they were not in front of our house! At work today everyone was trading war stories of fights that had ensued while they were digging out, but I only had a pleasant experience to add. As it should always be:)

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