Friday, January 20, 2012

Something New

I have been working to come up with a new product, one that is not quite so seasonal-but still works with what I have been doing. So I am expanding the hat pattern into a purse or clutch pattern. A few proto types have come through, but the above pairing feels the most successful so far. I have always liked the idea of a hat and bag match-though I have never actually had one.
I am also playing with the idea of some granny pattern change purses. Still working on construction and hardware-but I have to say I am having fun with these new patterns. I have a bunch of ideas in my head-and wish I just had all the time to see them through! Hopefully more to come soon!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Belated Xmas Post

This weekend we took down our tree, our cards, our lights, and I finally downloaded our photos. We didn't take too many, I think we were having too much fun since this is the first time Amira has really understood "presents"-Santa, and has had the ability to open gifts herself.

And now we start 2012, looking back on my 2011 goals, I had some successes. I fell down with making more foods from scratch, and never made any humus. But I did see my friends with more frequency then in the past. Amira is using the potty to some extent, but I think "school" can take more credit with that then me and daddy. I went further with my "crafting", but made fewer entries in this blog. Amira talks to us all the time-the strides she has made are unbelievable. 2012 is gearing up to be a year of big changes for our family-can't wait to tackle them all-I don't feel the need to add any more goals to my plate right now:)