Monday, May 6, 2013


I've been away from this blog for a while again... 
And in that time my little girl and boy have grown!
 Smiling while doing naughty things (like eating crayons!-yes I caught you!)
We experienced lots of snow-and a few holidays:
Valentines Day 

And Christmas
Played in more snow
Took walks before the snow came
Big girls walking
And baby cuddled up
With extended family
Painting inside
More walks in the snow
Even for forlorn little girls
 And lots of snack time. 

The days don't differ much, but time keeps passing. It is incredible to see time measured in the faces of our children. This winter felt long and hard, and we all look forward to a summer by the beach. But I am reminded of my Grandmother's warning, not to wish my life away looking too far forward. How much life happened this winter was worth more than each short cold day-and regardless of obstacles, I resolve to see the value and joy in each day lived.