Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting Ready for a Sale

Making sun hats in and with a variety of bold prints.
 Pulling together a few of my favorite baby hats.  
And taking advantage of the nice weather to do a tent set up practice run.

This last activity was a family affair, as I required my husbands help. (Which means he did almost all of the set up.) Upon waking from her nap Amira joined us, and Max is always near by.

Thank you family for spending your nice day doing the same!

Let's have fun at SOWA next weekend!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Getting back into it!

So now there are two!
This spring has been all about family-with the addition of Max.

But he makes it pretty easy. Just cooing & sleeping. A new experience for us!

Amira on the other hand appears to have become a teenager overnight! Put down that phone!
Really though, she is still our little girl. We did our first Easter egg hunt this spring-another holiday filled with candy-lucky her!

And I am starting to make some summer hats, to compliment my winter ones.
I am also working on a better boy line, having a son now-I have a better sense of what works. (Not the pict below.)
But I get easily distracted these days.  Maybe I can pull it together. I will be in the SOWA markets this summer & fall. I am thinking of Benjamin Franklin as I use my time. And like him, I am not doing too much housework these days:)