Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in Summary

Every year, I have the same resolution, to be more productive with my art. This year, the new addition to our family, Amira, gave me some extra incentive to pursue my goals. I started this blog last January to keep me in check on progress with my art. But this blog began to be a journal of all the happenings in my life. And in taking the time to note the everyday things, I was able to focus on my goals more clearly.

In 2010, I started crafting again, sold more art than in any other year, participated in craft fairs, actually took a trip(!), watched my daughter move from a baby to a toddler, took up photography again, got through some challenges at work successfully, and started making refried beans from scratch. In 2011, I hope to make hummus from scratch (in an effort to have less processed foods), potty train Amira, watch her being to talk, exercise in some sort of fashion, take a trip with my husband somewhere, visit my friends and meet some of their new additions, do more with my art and craft, and keep up with this blog! Happy New Year!


  1. Happy new year to you as well.
    I love your crocheted hats!

  2. I have loved looking through your photos and getting updates on Amira, Adrian and you. Be to Boston soon-promise! Happy new year!