Monday, February 21, 2011

Long Weekend with the Fam

Don't be fooled, Amira only stayed in this position for a minute...

The evidence of her energy is visible throughout the house.

So we let her run in circles, and chased her and played-and then took time to ourselves to work on some projects.

I should have a completed project to show soon, I am at the point where the end is in sight!

But, it is hard to sit still when Amira is dashing about.

What a cutie! She is saying so much now, "please" (peas) "thank you" (dank goo). What a polite girl, she must be getting this from daycare-so we can feel good about that. She says "get down" "bye bye" "cat" doggie""uh oh" and of course "mommy" and "daddy" and "no" (etc). We can almost have mini conversations now!

***This is my 100th post! Which I am proud of because I don't think I have ever kept a diary so long, and this is a sort of diary. It has gone in a different direction than I originally intended, but it keeps going, and that is good.***

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Building a fort

We started the long weekend building a fort in our studio. I spent more time in it than Amira, as I have to lay down to be inside our fort, and once laying down, I am inclined to stay that way. Amira, on the other hand, prefers to be constantly moving in and out of spaces. So she came in and out, tried to climb on top, pulled out structural elements, and then wemt to something else entirely.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting through it

Halfway though February and this is my first post! Well we have been getting used to a new routine around here, so I have fallen a little behind in some areas. But, to sum up this month-we are still in WINTER. Groundhog, will your vision be true? Truthfully though, this is one of the first years that I don't even really mind winter. Oddly, as this has been one of the worst I have experienced in years...

We are all buried under several feet of snow. The snow has turned into ice, coated with dirt in most areas.

And it is definitely hard to navigate the sidewalks with a stroller...
So most of our downtime is spent indoors.

A lot of time has been spent in our kitchen.

Amira loves to mix things, so we have been giving her flour and water and salt to mix up. Of course, this is adding to me doing some extra baking as well. (Just what I need in the middle of winter, an excuse to make cookies.) The in-process cookies above are not for Valentines, I have no "G" Valentines. We hosted a Superbowl party this year as the Green Bay Packers, Adrian's favorite team, played. So those cookies are my Valentine's cookies from last year refashioned into Green Bay support cookies. They were delicious, and the team won-which I attributed to my Xmas gift to Adrian, a Green Bay inspired, felted helmet hat for Amira!