Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Flower Making in the Snow

A shop in Providence call Mod Mama has started selling my hair clips and head bands. I have been busy making a new batch to send. With all the white and gray outside, some bright colors are a nice pick me up.

I have also been trying to do some painting on a more regular basis. But it is a messy process and Amira likes to put everything in her mouth. She also likes to have what I have, specifically- her own set of paints will just not do if I have a set I don't want her to touch. So paintings are quick and left unfinished for now. But Amira pulls her chair up to my desk and tries to work next to me, and we both make some messy pieces together, and it is wonderful.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Day!

The snow kept us all home today. If I loved snow days as a kid, I love them so much more now:) We all went out to play. I, however, am not made for the cold weather and quickly was complaining. That said, Amira was such a little cutie, eating the snow trying to walk in it. And maybe I even got an upper body work out, trying to dig out the car. She has my old snow suit on underneath her coat. (My mom keeps everything.) But she is already too tall for it, and high waders are not the most effective style in high snow.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas Holiday

This year, Amira was able to open her own presents. She learned to do this a few days prior to Xmas in fact, and opened her cousins presents along with some of hers. We hosted Xmas for the second year, though I think I was much more prepared a year ago. This Holiday arrived really quickly for us, and quicker than some of our presents. With the Atoui's coming, Adrian prepared by purchasing a puzzle. As you can see in the course of a day we got quite far. Even with a toddler bopping about and snatching pieces when she could. All we had left at the end were the solid blue pieces, which my sister categorized by shape (note the last picture.) But alas, we did not finish the puzzle. (Sigh.) We are in the middle of a big winter storm, so the family left early this morning. The puzzle was put away undone. There is only so much temptation Amira can bear, and she has quite enough right now with flashing lights, cookies, and candy. Those puzzle pieces were trouble waiting to happen. Next year we will have to work faster-me especially!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Morning at the Pops

Adrian was lucky enough to get some tickets to the Holiday Pops: Kids Matinee. We don't go to the symphony too often, so today was a special treat and it was nice to be able to bring Amira.

The program was geared towards families, so there were many kids around, of all ages.
We listened to "'Twas the Night Before Christmas", "How the Grinch stole Christmas". Santa Claus even made an appearance.

At the end we had a sing along. And Amira clapped happily with the rest of the crowed.

This was an experience we should definitely repeat.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Trimming the Tree

We trimmed the tree after work. We kept Amira up past her bedtime to keep her involved. She and I watched the pop corn pop while Adrian unpacked the ornaments. She pulled the lights off the tree and yelled when we tried to put them back on. She put an ornament on a branch and delighted in our claps. Then she pulled it off the branch and threw it on the ground. She tried to put everything on her head, and ate a lot of popcorn. I ate a lot of pop corn too. Adrian drank a beer. Then it was bath and bed for our little baby. And soon we found ourselves asleep too.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Xmas is coming...

Now, time to deck the halls.

A wreath is on the door.
The tree is up.
The decorations are down.

It is just all needs to come together...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some things I've crafted

Last weekend was the RISD Holiday sale, my booth above. Everyone complimented Amira on her good behavior. (Thank you Adrian.) For awhile she slept in her stroller, right where the chair is above. People would look at the hats, turn to the pillows, and startle-"there is a real baby right there!"
I mentioned in my last post that Amira and Adrian were sick over Thanksgiving. Amira was over it by the fair, Adrian, almost, but not quite. And me, it hadn't even hit yet. But this week, I was knocked out. I was miserable at work on Monday, and have been out since. Tuesday, Amira is home with me. I felt so bad, I just sat on the couch, but she was so good. Bringing books to read, and playing with her toys. Yesterday, Adrian pulled all of my yarn next to my spot on the couch (which is the whole couch) and I started making some more flowers, which helped perk me up a little bit. I think he may have been tired of seeing me drowning in self pity. Understandable. These past two days, home alone, it is the first time in a long time I have had so much time to myself. It's a shame I don't feel well, but it has made me appreciate how busy I am normally.