Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day at the Beach

Is it really the last day of August! It seems like summer is still in full swing, especially with the heat around here. Amira and I made another trip to the beach.

Perfect day for it, though I would have liked to have dove under a wave or two. The water was so clear and the waves lifting out of the water were so appealing. But, since it was just me and Amira, it felt a little irresponsible to just leave her and go swimming by myself. So I brought her in with me, and we got wet pretty far up. She did get her hair wet, if not entirely intentionally. A good time, but on a hot day there is nothing like diving into cool water. Adrian needs to play hooky one of these last summer Tuesdays:)

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Sunday, August 29, 2010


We brought Amira to her first wedding. Adrian's cousin was the groom, which I believe is Amira's second cousin? I believe she has now met all of her relatives on this branch of the family tree. The wedding was just before bedtime, and the reception just after, so Amira stayed up late a second day in a row. But she was very good for most of the night. Just trying to explore, climb, and run onto the dance floor from time to time.

Amira loves being tossed up by Daddy. I remember my parents tossing us around. It is so easy to enjoy the feeling of flying through the air when you know someone is there to catch you.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Color Story

We went to see some old friends of my husband's last night, and stayed out a little late.

We put Amira in her stroller and she fell asleep in their play room.

We ate so much food:

guacamole, baklava, Bulgarian cheese, crab cakes, grilled chicken, potato salad...

wine, beer.

I hoped the late night would encourage Amira to sleep a little late...

...I know better than to believe that.

So we got up, ate breakfast and took a little walk.

Soon we will be getting ready to head off to a wedding.

We are attending weddings this weekend and next.

But right now, we are just playing at home.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby Things

A little baby sweater, a little too small now for my baby. I imagined her size while she was asleep. She is growing faster than my minds eye can keep up.

The start of a little dress. This does fit her, with a little room.
Some fun little flowers.
Amira is walking now, not gracefully so she is especially adept at injury. However, her climbing is more worrisome, she is as I write, repeatedly climbing into Adrian's desk chair and standing up. She is sitting now, but I am looking at her while I type because is only takes a second...

We are stuck in the house on this rainy day-quite literally moving in circles.
Maybe we can start to circle around the bed and both of us can get some more zzzzzzzzzzzs. Isn't that what rainy days are for?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Resolutions

Every summer I want to do the same things. Go to the beach, draw outside, and get in shape (bathing suits). This is not generally what happens. But this Tuesday, I said I was going to the beach and that was it. And I did. Believe it or not, as cloudy as the day appears, this day was a perfect beach day.

I have been trying to run a little (and I do mean a little, I am not a runner, have never been and will probably never excel in the sport). But since I walk Amira daily to help her nap, I thought I could squeeze in a little extra exertion for me without adding another chore to the day. When she falls asleep, I have been doing some watercolors. This started on our recent vacation, and it has been so enjoyable I am trying to keep it up.

So on the day I wanted to go to the beach, I wanted to keep this new habit alive. I also had a few other errands to get done - which is how I usually miss the beach.

The plan: Bring Amira to the esplanade, run/walk the length. Take some reference photographs for another project. Paint while she sleeps. When she wakes, meet Adrian for lunch. Have Adrian watch Amira while I pick up a few necessities (Shopping with a mobile baby just takes so much longer), take the train back to our apartment where our lunches are prepacked, get our bathing suits and bag and head to Singing beach in Manchester by the Sea.

Success! All of these things happened. Amira even took an unusual afternoon nap when I was getting our bag together and stayed asleep while I packed her in the car. We got to play in the ocean for the first time together! No pictures-I considered bringing the camera too risky, and as the rising tide surprised us twice, I made the right call. Besides, I do have the memories of her happy laughter as the waves crashed over us.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Teeth and more!

Poor Amira! My baby has so many teeth already, but she is still getting more. And the process is still bothersome. This is making her quite the cuddle bug, mainly meaning she wants to be on mommy's hip all day. Which I don't mind, but sometimes it's nice to travel a little lighter.
So Daddy strapped her to him, which she loves, and we went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Doesn't this place look like is is about to be swooped up in a tornado?

And then around another corner is a perfectly kept bush!

And at home, I organized my desk to see what I am working on. Lots of unfinished projects. Will they ever get done? I used to be so much better at finishing what I began, I just needed to get started. Now I start so much, but nothing seems to get done!

I picked up some new mugs at a craft fair in Rutland VT this weekend. The tall ones are by Carla Magbie and the short ones are by Chris Vernon (neither have a website!). Carla said how nice they are for hugging tea, but as it is hot and humid, I think how nice they are for beer.

So a beer and maybe some time to finish something tonight? Ah, but besides my projects I do need to finish (ahem, start) laundry, pay bills, do dishes...maybe a little of everything? Is this why nothing is done?

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

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