Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey, Colds, & Hats

What have I been up to? Amira of course is keeping me busy, and then there is work, Thanksgiving, and another craft sale.

I have been making hats every day, but I am still worried about how much product I will have by this Saturday.

We hosted our first Thanksgiving. Complete with my first Turkey.

Which Amira loved. She ate as much as she could despite the fact that she was sick and having trouble eating. She has a virus on top of her ear infection that won't go away. She started a new medicine and I am hoping it helps, we all could use a full nights sleep.

Here is my plate, I thought it was so pretty with the red beet, purple cranberry sauce, green brussel sprouts, yellow squash, orange sweet potatoes, white turkey, etc. I should have done a dinner color story!

So the rest of my week will be about getting ready for the sale this Saturday. I will be featuring hats (as seen below), pillows, and paintings.

Eyes, closed-good idea. Goodnight :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Amira and Adrian

Amira has been having lots of fun with Daddy lately. She has been very content to stay with him all morning long. And he is indulging her every chance he gets:)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Walk at Lunch

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Color Story

Halloween may have past, but we still have ghosts in my neighborhood.

And the fresh colors of spring have faded, but their shadows are left behind.

We haven't had a frost yet so some buds are still blooming.

And pumpkins remain in tact.

The leaves are fading.

Not all of them.

We are all in hats now.

Though maybe only when we sleep can we keep them on our heads.

Time to get close to stay warm.

And avoid the nasty weather brewing.

We are ready for a new season.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Night time

With November comes earlier nights. Amira is still going to sleep pretty early. In the summer, I felt stuck in the house. But with the evenings early onset, it is easy to settle into a night at home. We put up our Christmas lights for Halloween to be a little festive, and have left them up and on since! I have started my popcorn habit again. And I have made nearly 4 hats in the last week! Adrian has been making stews, and I have been making lots of beans. I am so happy Amira loves beans like me! Of course, all this hanging around the house is helping to make a few more piles of misc. items in various places. Though those piles are treasures to Amira:)