Friday, July 23, 2010

Victorian Neighborhood:
I walk through this neighborhood on the way to the train, and there are so many beautiful Victorian homes. Victorian is not an era I used to favor, with so much ornament, it seemed excessive. But, I have fallen in love with many of these homes. This one below is my favorite.
This fence seems like it belongs outside a gingerbread house! (and in fact, it pretty much is.)

While these flowers did block my way as I was pushing a stroller, they make the sidewalk so much prettier, popping up through the cracks! I don't mind stepping into the street for them.

And the stained glass windows, set up in descending order on the front of this house!
Was this driveway really paved in 1906!
Adrian prefers this era, but he is so tall, whenever we step inside a sloped roof house, he feels claustrophobic. Though I don't think we are quite ready to move into one of these yet anyway:)


  1. The house is so pretty! I love the flowers growing out of the sidewalk. Too bad I missed this when I was worried about getting lost so I took the street with no trees on the 95 degree day!

  2. oh i am smiling. i LOVE old houses, fences, victorian flower gardens. wonderful post.