Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finished Shrug

Here is the finished shrug:

It may be a little much. Adrian said: "There is something to be said for simplicity."

But, she is pretty cute...and she kept it on all day.

At least I finished it, so I could do other things, like build blocks with Amira. Really, I build by myself, and she occasionally destroys what I build. I love building! I know this is geared towards toddlers, but I love making all types of castles. Amira mostly likes to knock down the blocks and get into their crate. Sometimes she puts one piece on another and claps, but quickly loses interest.

One of my creations, yet un-destroyed.


  1. The shrug looks awesome! Good luck at work this week!

  2. Screw Adrian and simplicity, that is the most beautiful crocheted thing I've ever seen! Most fitting for our most beautiful doll.