Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

"Get the Joker, Batman!"

The audio of which sounds more like "Get em yogurt Batman!"

So we made Amira a Batman costume. She, for once, was excited to wear her hat, and did so until the rest of her costume was complete.

At first she was hesitant to put on the costume, until she had the cape on. Then it all came alive for her, and she was hooked.

The introduction of candy to this holiday has sealed the deal.

We have been looking at these scare crows all month.

Amira was a little shy to go up to the houses without being held by mom and dad. Though as the candy kept coming, her confidence built up.

Adrian tried to decorate our house to lure some trick or treaters to our street. Our adjacent street is mobbed with kids, but as a side street, it is a little quite here. That's fine, a peaceful night to eat our booty. I mean, Amira can't eat all her candy:)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So, I am back in hat season. Once I start, I just keep going!

I have started experimenting more with pattern and felting.

At the beginning of the season, I was designing very graphic looks. But in the course of just a few weeks, I feel like I have done a 180.

Meanwhile, we are also busy making Amira's Halloween costume. At least we didn't wait until the night before. We plan to trick or treat for the first time. Adrian and I will just have to try to leave work a little early so we have time to go around the neighborhood.

And now off to bed for me!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

RISD Sale 2011

Today was the RISD 2011 Alumni & Student Sale.

I got off to a rough start, forgetting a few key items, but my neighbor was helpful-and I was able to make do.

This year I really focused on the Crochet hats.

The old fashioned helmet/1920's flapper style was clear to everyone who came by.

I did a couple felted hats. They turned out well, and I think I will expand in this area.

Headbands also made a comeback this year. I sold nearly all of mine, which was fantastic considering there was some steep competition with that product!

My hats did well also!

I plan on updating my etsy site this weekend with the remainder product.

I had a few helpers today too.

Grandma and Amira spent the day with me. Amira took Grandma all around! Grandma and I both were exhausted! Amira has boundless energy. But for being at a fair all day, she was really in good spirits and even helpful. I showed her my old studio, the printing presses, and an old teacher of mine did a silk screen demonstration, which engaged Amira.

And now to bed!