Monday, August 9, 2010

And We're Back

And our vacation is over...
We spent our time on Seneca lake tasting wine and exploring gorges. We dipped a little in the lake behind our house, but there was a fair amount of lake weed in the water, which tickled our legs and gave us all the chills. Amira must have drank some of the water during one of her swims at the base of a waterfall, as she became sick half way through the trip. We spent a day in the air conditioning and relaxed. She just cuddled up to me a fell asleep.
Adrian and I took Amira for her morning walks in the vineyard near the house we stayed in. When she fell asleep we made some watercolors. (We should do this more often as we both need the practice.)
I ate as many sandwiches as I have in a year thanks to our companions Jess and Bill. But these packed lunches were life savers when we found ourselves hot from hiking, or a little famished from too much wine.
I picked up some yarn and started a collar for a new little dress. I can't wait to share that.
I saw an old friend, my sisterbaby sat, Adrian and I had dinner out without Amira, and I visited the Woman's Rights Museum.
And now back to my routine, with some new inspiration from a week away.

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  1. Fantastic pictures, it looks like you had a good time. Amira is becoming even more beautiful.

  2. Wow, those pictures of the gorge are amazing. I can only imagine the sound that must have accompanied it.
    Sweet little girl pictures too.

  3. Well if all goes down the drain, there is definitely a cushy future in photography. Those pictures were fantastic - they captured the magic of your vacation spot. I saw that you are knitting a collar for a new dress, is the dress knitted as well? Is the dress for Amira? Let me know when it is ready to be shown - I can't wait to see it. Carolina

  4. Gorgeous photos Sammia! you certainly look like you all had a fab time, good luck getting back in the groove! Margaret