Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby Things

A little baby sweater, a little too small now for my baby. I imagined her size while she was asleep. She is growing faster than my minds eye can keep up.

The start of a little dress. This does fit her, with a little room.
Some fun little flowers.
Amira is walking now, not gracefully so she is especially adept at injury. However, her climbing is more worrisome, she is as I write, repeatedly climbing into Adrian's desk chair and standing up. She is sitting now, but I am looking at her while I type because is only takes a second...

We are stuck in the house on this rainy day-quite literally moving in circles.
Maybe we can start to circle around the bed and both of us can get some more zzzzzzzzzzzs. Isn't that what rainy days are for?


  1. She is just adorable and yo have captured her wonderfully in your delightful watercolor. What talent you have. I am just in awe.
    emily xo

  2. i think that every time you look at that watercolor in the years to come, it will transport you to this wonderful time when Amira was so little, exploring the world to it's max and then falling into a deep sleep wherever she was. She is lovely and so are the clothes you have made for her. Carolina