Sunday, August 29, 2010


We brought Amira to her first wedding. Adrian's cousin was the groom, which I believe is Amira's second cousin? I believe she has now met all of her relatives on this branch of the family tree. The wedding was just before bedtime, and the reception just after, so Amira stayed up late a second day in a row. But she was very good for most of the night. Just trying to explore, climb, and run onto the dance floor from time to time.

Amira loves being tossed up by Daddy. I remember my parents tossing us around. It is so easy to enjoy the feeling of flying through the air when you know someone is there to catch you.

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  1. Although there is a post "above" this one, Sammia, I had to comment here because of the picture of Amira being tossed up in the air. That picture says so much - about her age, her time in life, childhood, what her father "was" like at the time, and how much she means to him. She will need to have this picture with her when she goes off to college. I know you don't want to think about that now, so just make sure you make a print of it now and keep it ready for that day. I have loved being a mother to my daughters. Your pictures reflect just how much you enjoy being a mother as well. I like that. Carolina