Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hexagons grow!

A little wine, hubby watching the game in another room, cat sleeping, baby sleeping, and time to work on the hexagon blanket, not a bad end to a Monday.

Adrian is working on a massive graphic novel. He's been working so far for 6 or 7 months. Lately we have both had a little more time in the evening to work on our projects since Amira is sleeping more consistently through the night.

Here is the layout of the blanket so far, I have started joining the smaller hexagons into larger flowers. I look forward to joining those soon to have a better feel of what this blanket will be like. This is the largest textile project I have done, and I have to say I am enjoying it quite a bit. I did some textiles in high school and the process drove me crazy, I felt it was too repetitive. I guess my temperament has changed as I find the process calming now. And I am looking forward to a sense of accomplishment.

Wednesday the cat laying in a patch of hexagon flowers.

Amira and Wednesday Tuesday morning.


  1. I'm impressed that you two can maintain your creative lives with the little one!

  2. The blanket is so cool!!

    - Amanda Ryan