Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day at the Beach

Is it really the last day of August! It seems like summer is still in full swing, especially with the heat around here. Amira and I made another trip to the beach.

Perfect day for it, though I would have liked to have dove under a wave or two. The water was so clear and the waves lifting out of the water were so appealing. But, since it was just me and Amira, it felt a little irresponsible to just leave her and go swimming by myself. So I brought her in with me, and we got wet pretty far up. She did get her hair wet, if not entirely intentionally. A good time, but on a hot day there is nothing like diving into cool water. Adrian needs to play hooky one of these last summer Tuesdays:)

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  1. now these are some images!
    your work is lovely! am off to visit you at etsy now.
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