Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesdays are my day off, and so Amira and I get to bond all day together. Today, we sat on the porch and Amira got to play in her tub of water. She is getting braver-first she just splashed with her hands and threw her toys in and out, then she would dip one foot in at a time, last time she stood (holding the porch rails) with both feet in, and today she just plopped her whole self in, diaper and all! Yeah-Fun!
Adrian had to leave work early today, and lucky us because that meant he was home early too. We got ice cream cones from JP licks (coffee and strawberry rhubarb-we did share with Amira-just another addition to the Things-I-Thought-I-Would -Never-do-as-a-Mother list). And we took a stroll around Jamaica Pond.We came across this tree which is scarred top to bottom with initials. The tree has grown with these carvings, and they have warped with the tree so many can't be read, and some have stretched out of proportion...
I did tell Adrian he should carve our initials in, but really I can't help but feel for the tree! The others around it have been left unmarred, but now this tree invites those who would otherwise leave it alone to carve into it! So I am torn between appreciating the evidence of peoples romantic tendencies and feeling empathetic toward a tree.Back at home, I am figuring out next steps.
And amusing myself by wrapping up Adrian while he is trying to work:)
And another Tuesday approaches it's end.

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  1. I agree, don't add to that poor trees suffering.