Saturday, May 22, 2010

Castle Island
A day with me, Adrian, and Amira! This comes only once every two weeks and it was such a nice day, despite being spring in New England. (I consider spring a tease-generally cold, but every once in a while exposing some summer heat.) So we went to our old neighborhood, and took a walk at the old fort.

We kicked off our shoes in the sun, and relaxed on the fresh cut grass.

We may have even fallen asleep for a few moments.

Some kids were flying kites on the hill. Adrian said he never did this as a child, and he thought it was weird that I had! What was entertaining about it? I always liked seeing how high I could make my kite go, it is such an interesting measure of how small we really are-though at the time I was mostly competing with my sister.

An overcast day.

My beautiful babe!

And some interesting textures and patterns I saw:

On a little bridge.

While the tide was down.

Where the birds leave their remains.

And some baby grass beginning to grow.


  1. What does "Healthy Trail" mean? Is there an unhealthy trail? (Maybe the one that leads to the ice cream stand?)

  2. We definitely followed the heart trail to the ice cream stand where we also got a cheese burger and fries! But we only had one order of each and shared-that's better right?