Friday, June 11, 2010

Daily Messes:

I slept in until 6:45 today! But because I thought I should be awake, I kept having strange dreams connecting people and places from different moments in my life-not very restful. I woke up to Amira and Adrian in the living room. They were sitting on my (in progress) afghan and Adrian was squeezing the blow fish so a puff of air would hit Amira's face-to her delight.

Around the house, there are so many moments of left over activities-
Where I get ready in the morning, a chaos of accessories,
A stacking of old photos in boxes and bags,
The console table, where everything is dropped for coming and going in and out of the house.

Maybe I should keep my clutter to myself, but all these little piles are just time running into space. We spend a lot of time picking up-but we spend more focused on other things, which I am quite fine with!


  1. new camera i see??

    i had a dream last night that i was at dinner with my family, and i wasn't allowed to sit at the table, i had to sit at a table alone in the restaurant. joe was also there, and my family wouldn't let him sit at their table either! i have no idea what this dream was about.

    i'm home now...summer fridays :)

  2. Jealous! not of the dream of course;)

  3. i'm loving your bamboo blinds!@