Thursday, May 27, 2010

A trip to the Zoo!

My birthday occurred this week, and as a result, I got a few extra treats.
I was given some iris's to decorated my desk with.
I got to sleep until 7:30am (instead of waking at the usual 5:30 when Amira begins talking in her crib, da da, ne ne, la le, ma ma) and when I woke Adrian had made pancakes with peaches and bananas, and decorated the table with hot french pressed coffee, milk and sugar. We all enjoyed this!
And we took a day trip the Roger Williams Park and Zoo. It neared 90 degrees that day, so most animals were hiding in their caves. But we did see a few. Amira spotted some flamingos...
The bald eagles were so still-this one was just sitting in the grass looking around. He (or she) doesn't even seem real.

Birds were flying around the marshes.

We walked around some creeks.

Paused for pictures and a diaper change.

And then made our way through a park trail where the water and trees made the heat slightly more bearable.

Adrian drove for this trip, so I was able to join my blanket in the car. It is really taking shape, and feels so full and warm-especially on a hot day!

Pieces yet to be joined.

And some new yarn purchased for a new little blanket...


  1. I love irises - they are our "Birthday Flower". My mom has lots of pictures of me as a toddler with the irises at my grandmother's house - I can't wait to take similar photos of Liana with the ones that grow in our back yard.

  2. It was a great day - we've been having some real good ones lately! Having a wee one around is forcing us to take these long relaxing days.

    -love A