Monday, May 17, 2010

Lunch Break

I decided to take a walk for lunch today and see what is in some of the galleries around me. I love the orange flowers in this arrangement-but I don't know what they are...?

I am always drawn to Japanese prints. I love the patterns, and the colors always seem so clear. The expressions on faces are so extreme too, they are very engaging.

This one I didn't get a good picture of, the background is dark, shades of black with white flowers, it made me feel the intimacy of night.

There is so much going on here!

I walked by this pitcher a few times, I know those should be leaves, but don't they look like lips? Like some just kissed all around the pitcher?

I don't often take time to look at ceramics in galleries, like so many I am drawn to the paintings, but there are some very whimisical drawing on so many pieces.

I am lucky to work surrounded by interesting items, but I have to admit, I miss my time at home on the couch with Amira and Wednesday!


  1. Hi Sam, the orange flowers are calendula (marigold), they come in the different shades of yellow/orange. I had the same color last summer as in the bouquet.