Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rainy Day

It's a dreary day with misty rain in my neighborhood. Amira and I are off to an accordingly slow start but I don't need to be to work until 2, so we have the time to lounge.

I can't believe this plant made it through the winter! I certainly did not tend to is appropriately.

I don't think it will stop feeling like early morning today.

So we look through books: Below are a few Klimt landscapes, I love the patterns he makes.

The flowers on this Gaudi tower are like whimsical pinwheels! The fantasy of his buildings makes anything seem possible!

And work on projects: I am starting to seam my hexagons, so maybe this project will come to an end!

A pattern of a dress for Amira (on an old proof of a wood cut). I am experimenting with collars. I think some bright dresses with flowers at the collar will be so cute on her this summer! I can't wait it get to the final product!

And still working on those red flowers! But this blanket will be so warm, I'm in no hurry here. The summer should be warm...I guess that remains to be seen though!

So much to do inside on a rainy day!

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