Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Night:
So the week has come to a close, and a holiday weekend approaches. Working in visitor services I rarely get to take advantage of a holiday on the holiday. However this long weekend, I not only have the weekend off, but I have Monday as a holiday (thanks to my co-manager!) and since the daycare was closing early for teacher appreciation I had to leave work early! Amira and I started our 4 day weekend early today-stripping off our day clothes and playing around the house.
I cooked a quick and easy dinner-rice, beans, peppers a little cheese and a bowel of tortilla chips. We eat a lot of Mexican style food in this house, I have been imagining a post dedicated to tacos-my favorite food ever!Before dinner, Amira had located my stock of favorite Vogue fashion images. I love looking through these (sometimes I feel a little superficial that this is the only magazine I subscribe to, but I think they are very pertinent as far as capturing this moment in time in style). Amira loves things that are shinny, flexible, crinkle, and stuff she can take out and pull apart- so they should become a favorite of hers too:) I haven't updated these binders since Amira was born, (just one of many things I stopped doing, along with working out, paying bills on time, laying down to watch TV after work, napping in the middle of a Saturday etc.) But organizing my magazines with just the images I like lets me get to the point so much faster, I need to catch up on this!And I have started a new "journal" entry. A memory of when Amira was sleeping in bed with us. Now Amira sleeps in her own room, she is sleeping now. Sleep sweet.

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