Sunday, July 18, 2010

It was Amira's first birthday this weekend! Hopefully soon I will post a few pictures from the party. My family came from New York for the celebration, but upon leaving, accidentally took my camera instead of theirs! I had the thought to use some of the picts my mom took, but our cords don't match so I can't download her images...

My parents, sister, and her boyfriend came, a few friends from my work, a few friends from Adrian's past and present jobs, an old friend of mine. It was a nice time. We did a little brunch, had banana cupcakes with cinnamon frosting and lots of flowers. Amira's library is growing! As is she! I will have to finish her baby book, and the book I am trying to make of our first year together! Where does the time go? These days, mostly to helping her learn to walk:)

  1. Finish a page for our first year together
  2. Laundry
  3. Get swim shoes for impending vacation(!)
  4. Prepare food for Amira
  5. Lay on the couch;)

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