Friday, July 9, 2010

Thirsty Flowers

So, I have been fantasizing about doing what I love these days, professionally speaking. My husband and baby make me immensely happy and grateful, and I have a pretty good job at an institution I respect. I recently got my MBA and thought a year ago that I would be applying for some high powered job, but I seem to be paused instead and lacking direction. Obviously having a baby changed lots of things about my life. But I didn't think being a mom would make me desire to pursue the dreams I had when I was 20.

Part of it is, if I have to be away from Amira, I would rather that time be spent doing something I find directly meaningful, instead of peripherally important. Part of it is, being an artist, a designer, a crafter, is something I could do from home, I could have flexible hours, work at night when she is asleep, work at my pace and not worry about "face time."

But here I am, and I don't know how to get to there.

So I am a little all over the place, trying to find a new direction.

Today, I drew a flower. One that I am watering, but the relentless heat is continuously drying. I do these from time to time. They are an exercise in looking. I have always enjoyed botanical drawings. There is a close connection between the object and the art. Nature has so much pattern and rhythm, and we frequently stylize these features. A close study of the object reveals all the flaws that prevent the pattern from being what is imagined.


  1. Looking for ways to vent out your creativity is the beginning of a phenomenon that will leave you satisfied eventually... I am also in a fix but optimistic about finding a way out.... work on your dreams and you will sure find a way... :) btw, I loved the paintings...

  2. Wow! I really love these, you never cease to amaze. Its not the destination its the journey.