Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Assignment

I was home today, as we closed our office to rest after a successful Annual Dinner. I decided to bring Amira to daycare, after much internal turmoil. ..but some time to myself has been a long time coming.
At first I thought I should clean the house, be "productive." I did do the laundry and thoroughly cleaned the living room. The prospect of cleaning the whole house started to seem, well, boring, and not the best way to spend alone time. So I listened to my husband and painted.

I feel certainly rusty. But...there may be a start to something. I often feel that I am all over the map with my art (and craft). My lack of focus is my biggest hindrance towards success. And while this piece is flawed in many ways, I think something in it is connecting my thoughts together.
In college, we had an assignment to draw the same thing everyday for 20 days. There were some really interesting results from this project. There was improvement in technique. Additionally, the discipline of drawing the same thing over and over helped solidify the concept behind the piece.
I think I may have to attempt this task again.
Though finding the time will be a struggle.
Think I can do it?