Monday, May 30, 2011

#20, & Project Complete

Last one.

Torso is a little squat. I have to say, I felt pressure for the last one to be the best. And I don't think it is. But I do think there is a clear improvement from where I started to where I finished.

I had direction and order towards the end of this, so I had better control over the painting. The question starts to become, if I can control the painting, then what do I really want the painting to say? If I like portraiture, why? I know I like the framed windows in the background, but what are those big color blocks saying? Or is it the clear pattern of squares I am responding to? The repetition as a metaphor for daily life?
So now, what should I do next to continue exploring?


  1. I think I like #19 the best. It's interesting how dark they were in the beginning and how much lighter they became. Is that the weather, or your feelings about painting (or both)?

  2. Well I changed my technique a bit, and began using less ink. I was initially doing the preliminary gesture with black ink and then changed to orange. But also, and probably more so, in the beginning I was painting over and over because I was dissatisfied, so there is muddiness from that behavior is in the beginning ones. Whereas towards the end of the series, I had a better idea of how I was going to paint, and so used less paint, and had fewer issues of painting over and over.