Thursday, May 26, 2011

#17, and 30 YO Today

This morning, Adrian said to Amira, "do you want to say Happy Birthday to Mommy?" Amira began singing the Happy Birthday song! Neither of us even knew she knew it. It was the best birthday surprise:)

Lately, Amira has been carrying a baby doll with her, EVERYWHERE!

But she did put it aside for a minute this evening to play with her art materials.

Despite the fact that she has painted on my paintings, repeatedly, I love her interest in drawing!

#17, An out of town friend came into town. We went to the MFA and the Isabella Stewart Gardner museums. I love Sargent. I know portraiture isn't the most popular genre in art these days, but I love looking at painted portraits, especially family ones. The insight into cultural expectations, and family dynamics always feels relevant, and personal.

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