Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Shrug

I stayed up last night finishing this little shrug. I have been playing with the idea of doing some little charms-but haven't quite gotten around to making them. The little button on this shrug is one of the ideas, a little image in a crocheted frame. The bird image made me think of the crochet work as a nest.
Lately, I have been shrugging my household chores in favor or crafts or playing with my baby. This sounds like a fine way to live, but Adrian has been picking up the slack. So today I am dedicating to our home. I have already swept and mopped the studio, living room, and foyer and loaded the dishwasher.

Other tasks for today:
  1. Put away laundry,
  2. Clean kitchen, including floor
  3. Make some food for Amira
  4. Have lunch with Adrian:)
  5. Bring rug to cleaners?
  6. Make dinner (but it is soo HOT here)
  7. Pick up my desk!
We'll see how this goes...


  1. hi, i am just the opposite, but the same lazy! ive been crochet crochet and doing no housework, john's complaining, and it is absolutely freeeeezing here, too cold to move from the fire !

  2. I always find it difficult to even jot down the tasks... hope you complete all the work. btw, I loved the shrug you made. You are good at it.. :)