Thursday, April 29, 2010


Adrian, Amira and I all need our lunches packed in the morning-and this is quite a feat. Amira usually leaves with the best as we plan her food in advance. We cook and freeze fruits and vegetables in ice cube trays over the weekend so we can just pop them out for her in the morning before leaving for work and daycare (aka "school").

Today Amira had: sweet potatoes and peas; spinach, pears and spaghetti squash; snap peas, beef and carrots. Mom and Dad had left over pizza and wings and of course a piece of fruit each. I also keep a variety of snacks in my desk at work like oatmeal and microwave popcorn. And I extremely dependent on the wonderful treats members of my team bake on a fairly frequent basis.

Amira enjoying trying to feed herself:)

I know she gets herself pretty messy, but she has to learn somehow right? While she was mashing banana and cantaloupe in her mouth, I tried cleaning up the kitchen a bit and found this dried pepper in our vegetable bowl!

You can see how long its been since I have had a chance to clean out the vegetable bowl by how many onion and garlic peels were at the bottom. Well, that and how long does it take a peper to dry out like that?

After that I fed Amira her meal with a spoon. She has this habit of pressing her feet against my knee during meals. Now I know why people love little baby feet so much!

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  1. Wow, you're good! Having the food ready in the ice cube trays is a great's also good to keep doing this, as it will make her much more open to different kinds of foods later. Keep her away from the store bought stuff as long as you can!