Friday, October 10, 2014

Green & Gold

Light is glittering this season. There is the golden light on the fading green leaves, and also some incredibly bright moons - Our whole house was lit up the other night!  This is incredibly helpful to the little one in my house who likes to wake in the middle of the night and find his way to my bed. We've been good about keeping up our adventures, and the little one is starting to draw on paper and not just his skin (and tongue!). And we are having fun! Routine can remove pressure, so we are diligently keeping to our commitment. But really, it's been much easier doing activities with the kids these days. They can walk, and communicate, and amuse themselves to some extent. They can follow direction. This fall has really been a time to see they are not little babies anymore. They are little kids - and that baby phase is fading away. By no means is it totally gone - we've still got diapers in the house- but its clear how soon it's going.

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