Monday, October 13, 2014

Around the Studio

I recently committed myself to do a painting a day, which has quickly turned into, painting everyday, to painting most days. And while that sounds like I have fallen off track from my initial plan, I am really proud of my recent focus. Completing a piece in a day is ambitious, and given my full time job, kids, and house, that is not remotely realistic. Over the last few years, getting any amount of artwork done has been hard for a variety of reasons: time; space; toxicity exposure to young children. But now that I can feel fairly confident that they won't lick my paintings, drink dirty water (or turpenoid), and suck on paint brushes, I can reintroduce these elements into our environment. And while our house over the last year with the move and obligatory painting-flooring-fixing, has taken most of our time, it has also provided us the best studio space we have ever had. There is room for desks, wall space, a storage closet, and natural light! We sacrificed the "living room" for this space, but we all enjoy hanging out in here together, even absent of a couch and TV. And while I may not get time in here every single day, we spend considerable time in here most days, and that is pretty good.

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