Sunday, September 28, 2014


I cut Max's hair. He has refused this all summer, and his hair has been getting long, with adorable wheat colored curls. Lately, he has been tilting his head up to see past the hair in his eyes, so a trim seemed in order. Friday night, when he was trying to not have his hair brushed, I said "Max let's cut your hair" assuming he would as usual say "no thank you". But he agreed, and climbed up on the sink like he remembered the last time we did this -months ago. I cut an inch or two of his lovely locks off. Amira applauded his hair cut, and he was proud to show her, bending all the way over so she could get a good look at the top of his head. However, I am having a bit of trouble getting used to the new do. Maybe Max is just a long hair kind of guy. Maybe I shouldn't have intervened and cropped his carefree style. That said, I can see his eyes much clearer now, and he is just adorable.

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  1. His hair was perfect, I am not happy. What if he never gets curls again.? Put a little clip with a flower.