Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The end of the day on Wednesday...

And a quick sketch of Wednesday, the cat, or "meow meow" as Amira calls her. Really she is much quieter since Amira arrived in our family. She used to be really vocal. She used to wake me up in the morning by patting my face with her paw, and when my eyes opened she would howl. This was generally around 5 in the morning. That behavior cost her the privilege of sleeping in our room. She is much calmer now, and of course older.
The flowers are hydrangeas from the bush outside. I have never seen so many beautiful bushes of hydrangeas before moving to Dorchester. It seems like every house has a bush and each one is gorgeous.
And as this Wednesday is coming to a close it is time for me to go to bed and sleep like the other members of my household. Maybe after work tomorrow we can all take a walk and see the flowers in bloom.

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