Sunday, June 5, 2011

Still Going

So I am always available to myself as a subject, so if I continue with portraiture, I will be a common theme. The above piece was a little difficult, because I was this reclined for most of the painting. For my previous self portrait series, I was painting mostly on rag paper that Adrian and I had around the house from our printmaking days. Arches BFK and Reeves-oh so much nicer that the sketch book I just bought! I picked up a Canson watercolor sketch book, 18" x 24". And while durable, and not especially inexpensive, I miss the softness of the rag paper.
You know who else is frequently available...

Adrian! I started this during the big thunder storm last week, that actually produced a tornado in Springfield. The storm was incredible. It is the first time thunder and lighting woke Amira from sleep. We lost power for about 10 hours. So I had to stop this halfway through, but finished it up tonight.

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