Monday, February 21, 2011

Long Weekend with the Fam

Don't be fooled, Amira only stayed in this position for a minute...

The evidence of her energy is visible throughout the house.

So we let her run in circles, and chased her and played-and then took time to ourselves to work on some projects.

I should have a completed project to show soon, I am at the point where the end is in sight!

But, it is hard to sit still when Amira is dashing about.

What a cutie! She is saying so much now, "please" (peas) "thank you" (dank goo). What a polite girl, she must be getting this from daycare-so we can feel good about that. She says "get down" "bye bye" "cat" doggie""uh oh" and of course "mommy" and "daddy" and "no" (etc). We can almost have mini conversations now!

***This is my 100th post! Which I am proud of because I don't think I have ever kept a diary so long, and this is a sort of diary. It has gone in a different direction than I originally intended, but it keeps going, and that is good.***

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