Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

We had a vision of a monster family. A devil mom, a werewolf dad, and a little half breed baby.

What would this offspring look like? Red like mom? Hairy like dad?

Well this little creature turned out to be a perfect blend of both.
Our little monster enjoyed terrorizing her parents this Halloween!
But dad knows how to take control.

So out we went with coats on to enjoy this Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Adrian wins best costume but your "creation" is cuter than cute. She reminds me of "where the wild things are" wish I could've been there.

  2. We get to relive our childhood with our own kids don't we? These holidays are so much fun - we spent the whole month of October "practicing" Halloween cookies ;) How can you get good at the decorating if you only do it once or twice :)