Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Color Story: A day with Amira

We are walking a little earlier than usual this Tuesday.

Amira has been having difficulty sleeping through the night lately, just when I got used to a full night of sleep again.

And with the sun rising a little later, it feels even earlier when we leave the house.

Though on this walk, she conked out almost immediately...

Which gives me hope that she is not waking up because she is done sleeping.

I saw a new tooth breaking through today-so maybe the worst is over and she will sleep tonight.

But despite her discomfort, she is still full of energy to explore.

We walked some of our street without the stroller. Of course she wants to go in every driveway, touch every parked car, climb every stair, pull on every fence, and sit on whatever grass she can find!

We walked to the park. I haven't been to the park in a while, so quick the time flies. She goes to the park at school, and I know she can climb-as she comes home with the bumps. But today was the first time I really saw her at it.

I was being ridiculous, climbing through the jungle gym after her, hoping my hips didn't become suddenly wedged in the process. I held her hands to slow her ride down the smallest slide, only to later see her take her own precautions-going down feet first on her belly.

She copied some bigger girls putting mulch on a see-saw-and now that is how that ride works. A home for mulch:) I wish I saw more of this everyday!

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  1. She is alot like her namesake. I'll never forget looking away for a second and she was at the top of a tall jungle gym. Scary!
    Thanks for sharing.