Thursday, August 23, 2012

Some time at Home

After a busy weekend of sales, beach, gymnastics & Grandma, we had some fun messing around at home on Monday.

First though, Amira and I went to the Zoo, just me and her-which happens unfortunately infrequently. Everyone we passed on the way to the Zoo, she had to tell where she was going and which animals she was going to see. To a pair of girls, she asked "Are you going to the Zoo? Everybody hurry up!"

We came home and had a relatively lazy rest of the day-with just mess making activities like legos and painting-and less mess making activities like watching Sponge Bob. Max also was working and on the move-not creeping just yet, but finding his way off his play mat, or out of his bumbo pillow.

It's good to take a day, and just do whatever; amazing how hard it can be to schedule nothing. And I wish I could spend more time just following the whims of the day.

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