Monday, July 9, 2012

Rainy Summer Days

 Summer is: Play Time, Draw Time, Baby Time.

And on rainy days, play time means lego time.

And I love playing legos. I was the kid who still played legos as a teen, and was super excited to get the really large models.

When I was a kid there were no pink legos. I know that some people view these girl legos as gendered, and therefore sexist is some way. They certainly are gendered. But I am thrilled that there is a conscious effort on the part of lego to branch out to a girly product line. I was a girl who loved to build, but I wasn't into comic books or pirates for that matter. But if I wanted to play legos, I had to play with those traditionally boy themes. (My daughter seems to like batman as much as princesses.)
I actually love the pastel lego color scheme out now, I like the bunnies, and flowers, I like Snow White, and her little chairs. And I like that my daughter as an easy entrance into a traditionally boy play item.
I have to add, that generally speaking, having a girl has made me appreciate all things girly a little bit more. In my young adulthood, I think I thought "girly" was lame somehow.  But as a parent to a girl, I want her to be confident to like whatever it is she likes. If that means she wants to be a princess one day-fine. It also sometimes means having to watch a bunch of Spiderman cartoons (ehh). I want to let her express herself. And what this will result in is her playing with pink, red, blue and light blue legos, with princesses and with Buzz and Woody, and her brother to follow.

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