Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Day at SOWA

Our second time at SOWA open market this summer-a great place to go for food and shopping Sundays in Boston. This time, it was not only was it a family affair-with Adrian, Mira & Max offering an extraordinary amount of help- it was a friendly affair as well! Thanks to everyone who came to visit us-it made the day! I especially appreciate all the little babies that came to visit on what turned out to be a pretty hot day. (I thought it was going to be pleasantly mild, and dressed Max in a layered look, only to strip him down to a T-shirt and diaper by 11am.)
I brought out some new Sun Hats, Children Aviator Hats, and a couple of old classics. The cotton helmet style hats are still a favorite of mine. I changed up my tent set up to give Amira a little more room to play-may not seem like a great business decision, but worked very well. Saw a few familiar vendors: Pier43, Nancy's Gone Green, Edie & Fin. Ate at Clover food truck. Cut our breakdown time in half. All and all, a good day out.
And now I am going to shift gears to fall items. I have so many ideas-its just a matter of getting them done! Just have to do it!

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