Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Getting back into it!

So now there are two!
This spring has been all about family-with the addition of Max.

But he makes it pretty easy. Just cooing & sleeping. A new experience for us!

Amira on the other hand appears to have become a teenager overnight! Put down that phone!
Really though, she is still our little girl. We did our first Easter egg hunt this spring-another holiday filled with candy-lucky her!

And I am starting to make some summer hats, to compliment my winter ones.
I am also working on a better boy line, having a son now-I have a better sense of what works. (Not the pict below.)
But I get easily distracted these days.  Maybe I can pull it together. I will be in the SOWA markets this summer & fall. I am thinking of Benjamin Franklin as I use my time. And like him, I am not doing too much housework these days:)

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