Sunday, February 14, 2010

Adrian and I just finished this wedding gift: a portrait of Randy and Teresa. Working with your spouse is quite an adventure, we both have our own way of doing things. And much like doing chores around the house, we don't shy away from sharing our opinion about how things should be done. But in the end, we made something whimsical.

Below is a memory of my friend Sarah's wedding. Sarah's reception was in her parent's backyard and downstairs. At the end of the night, her brother and his band played in the garage (there had been a DJ earlier.) Randy and Teresa had their wedding in an old theater and was very old Hollywood glam. Adrian and I could not believe the amount of food at their wedding. We thought what was at the cocktail hour was the main course and couldn't believe we we got to the reception and had 5 more courses!

As I mentioned in my first blog entry, Adrian and I were married a year ago. We did not have a wedding, but instead went to city hall. There are many similarities in weddings, but each one I have attended has been distinct, as has each marriage. To each their own & celebrate!

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