Friday, July 6, 2018

Chatham Weekend

Weathered wood, crushed shells, slick boats.
With friends we spent time on smooth beaches.
Seal pods ducked at a near distance.    We are on the edge of the earth.
This spot of the universe has beauty that blinds visitors.  We admired the gray houses, white driveways, and blooming bushes.  
We rode to a clear beach.
Surrounded by ocean and sky.    
The dunes we visited looked like places we have been.
They are new.  
Rising tides are beating this soft land; nor'easter winds pushing the beaches further into the earth.
Romance dresses simple pitched roof structures in bleached wood.
Sharks hunt in warming waters.

Waves break larger onto beaches, swallowing the earth beneath them.    
The lucky ones spend their time here.  

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