Sunday, September 3, 2017


We traveled further than usual this summer, boarding a plane and heading to Barcelona, Spain! The city was as beautiful as I expected, and offered so much more than I imagined. Gorgeous Modernista architecture, preserved Gothic neighborhoods, mysterious Mid-evil roads, long golden beaches, and some of the best street art I've ever seen. We walked around this city, up hills, through neighborhoods, across parks, and over the water. We returned with pounding heels to our hotel, where the kids found relief swimming on the rooftop. Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia was more than I ever imagined, and even quieted our tired kiddos. Tibidabo gave the kids a magical night. Padron pimientos, tortilla espanola, cava sangria, bravas, and hamburguesa con huevo, we enjoyed exploring and always felt welcome.

Our trip coincided with the terror attack on August 17th, on Las Ramblas in Barcelona that killed and maimed so many. This was our first day in the city, and we walked the street maybe an hour and a half earlier. We were fortunate to have not been in that area at that time, and we were fortunate to witness a city express so much love in response to an act of hate. On each day we were reminded of the act in various ways, including this memorial. Our hearts are with those who lost so much.

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